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OUTLAW RUN Beyond The Book Series 23

Why are you here kiddo?" asks Etch.
"Because I am your daughter and I care about what happens to you, that's why!" she replied with another hug.
"This is getting way out of control dad. They are not just after you for traffic violations. They have more than a dozen felonies lodged against you at the police department and now the feds are sending a professional driver from Florida up here to catch you dead, or alive!" she said.
"A professional driver? The feds? Why do they care about some country hick who just wants to go cruising in his classic muscle car again like we all did years ago before they took it all away from us!' states Etch.
"Washington DC. doesn't want you making newspaper headlines and getting other classic car enthusiasts and owners doing the same thing that you are doing right now," his police officer daughter replies.

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